Kitchen Diva Louisa - 和味蘇

Kitchen Diva Louisa - 和味蘇 click on the red link to watch
簡介: 飲食的目的除了為填飽肚子維生,烹調與品味食物本身亦是一門藝術。食材不論貴賤,只要煮得其法,同樣能將食物味道提升。而懂得欣賞食物,吃得有品味,均可帶給人快樂滿足!
Description: The primary purpose of food is filling stomaches, but in addition nowadays cooking and tasing food is an art. Good tasting food will make people happy and satisfied. Louisa So will host the brand new food show "Kitchen Diva Louisa" in her stylish sport wagon and tours through whole Hongkong, the paradise of food. Professional chef cooks and Louisa will cook different dishes through exchanging ideas aiming on reducing the gap between different social groups like the eldery and students. Sunday nights will be a good night for a family gathering for sharing Louisa's delicious experiences!Episodes avaiable : click on the red link to watch
Episode 01 (10/24/2010) Theme: Organic Dishes
Episode 02: (10/31/2010) Theme: Taste of Cheung Chau
Episode 03: (11/07/2010) Theme: Gourmet Food Surrounds,
Episode 04: (11/14/2010) Theme: The Birth of "Cooking Mistress
                                                      "(Beautiful Cooking winner Louisa So)
Episode 05: (11/21/2010) Theme: Roasting Fragrance
Episode 06: (12/12/2010) Theme: Old Ice House Tour,
Episode 07: (12/19/2010) Theme: Filled Winter Warmth, 
Episode 08: (12/26/2010) Theme: Christmas Close Friends Party, 
Episode 09: (01/02/2011) Theme: Remembering The Old Icehouse,
Episode 10: (01/09/2011) Theme: Indonesia . Korea Fine Food Exchange
Episode 11: (01/16/2011) Theme: Delicacies of the Countryside
Episode 12: (01/23/2011)  Theme: Healthy "Cooks" Desire (Chinese title sounds like 'Healthy Awareness')

Episode 13: (01/31/2011) Theme: Family Reunion Celebration Year after Year
Episode 14: (02/06/2011) Theme: Home Dishes Welcomes the New Year
Episode 15 [END](02/13/2011) Theme: Single on Valentine's Day

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