Season of Love - 心有靈犀

Season of Love - 心有靈犀 click on the red link to watch
TVB’s Season of Love  Hosts:  Kristal Tin,  Margie Tsang
Coincided with the “double  Spring and leap month”is absolutely a good year to get married, and Kristal and Margie both host and each episode will invite three pairs of circles or celebrity couples / couples through different aspects of the game, test their Understanding and affection between the extent of the problem and investigate the causes of love or marriage, did not forget to share the sweet experience. Process is not only intense fun,  charming,  warm, affective and 婂 婂.
After many aspects of testing, concluded that all points of the night, best with a pair of award winners to be. Also invited to the audience every time, by 20 seconds in front of the camera like a marriage proposal on the public to admire, to create memorable experiences of courtship.
List avaiable episode(s):
2011 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 [END]

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