Dropping by Cloud Nine - 你們我們他們 (2011)

Description: For the first time, TVB produces an adaptation of Taiwan's famous picture book Something About Love (你們我們他們) by artist Jimmy. The interpretation of the book is divided into 10 romantic and emotional love stories. Each episode will have it's own story

Cast: Joel Chan, Macy Chan, Mandy Wong, Sire Ma, Elena Kong, Mag Lam, Ron Ng [guest star], Kate Tsui [guest star], Vincent WongClick on the redlink to watch:   Episode Themes 
01 Cannot Bear (不捨不得)                             02. A Merry Christmas Alone (一個人的快樂聖誕)
03. Two Hearts Won't Change (兩顆不變心)     04. A Spring's Car Ride (一程車的春天)
05 Marriage's Secret Talk (結婚密語)              06. Our Romantic Love Story (我們的浪漫故事)
07 Transferring Love (愛情轉移)                      08. Beautiful Day Dream (白日綺夢)
09. I Do (我願意)                                          10 [END]  When Old Wool Sweater Meets Old Scraf

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