Way of Maestro Lam Ka Sing - 聲識.藝傳.林家聲

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Active theater Nianba year “Chung Sun Sing Opera Troupe,” the history of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong played an important one seat, the sound of soul Yuejumingling Lin, is the leading sector in Hong Kong Cantonese Opera. Lin comprehensive voice and acting artistic accomplishments; attitude towards opera and ideals, not only dominated the “Ode to the new sound” performance style, but also the direction of  development  of Cantonese opera has played a guiding role. His mastery of stage technique, appropriate programs and perform a wealth of performance styles, all become valuable assets theater, historical performances ever, is known as the “Forest School art.” Although he quit professional stage, but still concerned about the Cantonese opera, from time to time supports and encourages young pear backward. So far Mr. Lin Jiasheng German drama and theater arts, opera is still praiseworthy and the majority of the children loved by the audience.

Through six consecutive episodes of “sound knowledge. Artland. Lin Sheng “, the audience will not only promote better understanding of the Lin family sound of "Bo, spirit and deep ", new  opera concept, witness how he can better shoulder the important mission of Cantonese heritage. Dunn presided over the program in addition to following the sound of the Lin family visited more than place the audience close contact with the leader of a Hong Kong Cantonese Opera sector, but also will visit a number of guests, including Lin Jintang, Chan Ho-kau, Lee Heung Kam, Wu Junli, Yinfei Yan, Nanfeng, Li Long, Dr Stephen Chow, etc., to share their voice in the eyes of the Lin family would surely make the audience understand the sound of a different face of the Lin family.

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