Where Feng Meets Shui - 香港有運行

Where Feng Meets Shui - 香港有運行 2011click on the red link to watch 监製 霍泽基 , 编审 周光慧, 主持 杨思琦, 叶翠翠, 嘉宾主持: 苏民峰, 嘉宾: 李蕙敏, 郑宝鸿 


Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, in addition to major financial centers in Asia, is the world's shopping and dining paradise. Bring Hong Kong's success today is, in addition to the efforts of people, the fortune is also very important! Whether in Hong Kong and Kowloon District, where is the area where the Dragon? Where's the best of luck does affect our destiny? Opened with "Hong Kong has run" the 箇中 mystery it! Geomancy scientist Su Min Feng ﹑ Mak Ling Ling Chen child only, Chiang and wearing sub-Ting gather together and lead the Shirley and Tracy Ip visited Hong Kong and Kowloon District landmarks and attractions to explore parts of Hong Kong feng shui blessed, teach analysis of various feng shui pattern of various best Hong Kong, a place of fortune. Each episode will be the star guide to introduce the gas can be contaminated with blessing wang a good place to eat, drink, and visit the various experts and residents of the area from a Feng Shui perspective on the history and anecdotes Wadi feng shui.

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