The Magic Ring - 魔法擂台

Host: Sammy Leung
A cruel bite” performers around the world to have a go on the stage, their talents, adhering to the spirit, TwB persistent efforts, in 2011 cooked up a new program “magic ring” around the world have the potential of the Chinese magic lovers Through open competition on the stage, director of exhibitions to promote the magic of Chinese culture, and to increase audience awareness and interest in magic. “Magic ring”open recruitment of magic enthusiasts from around the world to board the magic ring, through a series of fierce competition with each other feats of magic by a professional panel of judges, elected a new generation of super-magician. Thirteen sets program is divided into preliminary and final rounds of two parts, with four contestants in the preliminary round each episode performing magic, preliminary results among the best, could enter the ultimate final showdown in the finals to compete for a new generation of “magic Star”. as presided over by Sammy, Sammy will bring the style of humor from the show atmosphere and create a little game to ease tension. The General Assembly, empire-star panel of judges, respectively, by the famous magician and magic of love as artists, panel of judges will assess the contestants performing creative, interesting, interpretation, etc., as scoring and give comments. Also invited to each focus on assessment and special guests on stage performing magic, as the contestants cheer, and give participants the opportunity to observe and learn.
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