World Heritage List - 世界遺產名錄

World Heritage List - China Danxia - 世界遺產名錄 飛越丹霞
Host: Ben Wong (黃智賢), Lily Ho (何傲兒)
Synopsis: "Danxia" word found as early as Pi colored clouds of praise poetry. Until the last century, geologists will be a red conglomerate in North Red Cliff Danya landscape, named "landform", the so Danxia geography in China has laid a special place in history.
"China Danxia" by the combination of the six landform and topography depending on characteristics into adolescence, prime of life and old age, including Danxiashan in Guangdong, Guizhou Chishui, Taining Fujian, Hunan Langshan , Lung Fu Shan in Jiangxi, Zhejiang Jianglangshan etc., commonly known as "Danxia six children. "
August 1, 2010, "China Danxia" day set foot on the international stage, it was officially included in the "World Natural Heritage List", it became China's first World Natural Heritage 8!
This is a major event in China, but also the glory of the Chinese people! He chaired INDUSTRY AND and children will be proud of six consecutive episodes of "World Heritage List", the documentary form, and lead us to see the first of six children, "Guangdong Danxia"and"Lung Fu Shan in Jiangxi" two landform style, enjoy the world Magnificent heritage of spectacular! Meanwhile, the program also aims to bring out the importance of preserving the environment, so that China's unique landscape view can be extended to the next generation! [Google Translated]                     

                                         集數          播映日期                  主題
                                          01             5月01日                  險峻丹霞山
                                          02             5月08日                  美絕丹霞山
                                          03             5月15日                  鑑古丹霞山
                                          04             5月22日                  龍虎山仙境
                                          05             5月29日                  龍虎山神話
                                          06(end)    6月5日 

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