I Love HK to Bits - 我愛香港過新年

The people with the spirit of resilience from a hundred years ago, a small fishing village has gradually evolved into present-day International city. Public housing estate? became the cradle of many Hong Kong people, in the decades to shoulder the historical mission, witness how people experience age transformation, struggling self-reliance. Film the long live I just love HK is a public housing estate? as the background of the story, play to promote a mutual spirit of the people of Hong Kong, as well as our House? exclusively in a series of five episodes of the “I Love HK To Bits,” actor will visit our classic House?, respectively, shows the characteristics and the? new year customs, and residents to attend meal, sipping full of authentic estate? features classic dishes, talk about their past life with unforgettable memories of public housing and neighborhood and great gift, the first for everyone to feel the atmosphere of Spring Festival. They also conducted a variety of activities, including visiting edit public housing shelters, as well as classic House in the village? game, for everyone to experience the unique to Hong Kong?
The other hand, the human touch is one of the important feature of life, this program will continue to carry forward this? the spirit, to the neighborhood school hot porridge, sending warm to each House, and together with six houses? kids flew toSingarpore, to realize their dreams of traveling abroad.
綜藝 我愛香港過新年 I Love Hong Kong New year  首播日期: 2011.01.24
另一方面,人情味是屋邨生活的重要特色之一 ,本節目繼續發揚這種屋邨精神,向街坊派發熱粥,送暖到各家各戶,並且連同六位屋邨小朋友一同飛往新加坡,實現他們出國旅遊的夢想。
Episode: 01 02 03 04 05 {End}click on the red link to watch

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