Apprentice Chef 2 - 大廚出馬第二輯

Apprentice Chef 2 - 大廚出馬大排筵席

On a series of "Apprentice Chef II," host Steven Ma will look for in each episode, a chef, to ask his first cooking tips in this dish, and the chefs through the exchange of ideas, expertise and inspire family audience culinary creativity, inspiration, Improve cooking, get the audience alike. New series "Apprentice Chef II," Steven Ma will invite the parties to friendly restaurants in Hong Kong Chef, gathered Dianshiguangbo City, to the kitchen and friends, share cooking tips, tasting chef cooked food.
This model and on a series of programs have very different series, in three from each meeting do not offer food, Western cuisine chef in the different knockout, to accept the specified time limit subject of race and limited cooking cooking competition test How to test the chefs will be in a very short time the fresh ingredients, superb cooking skills into a simple tasty dishes, so that the program is both more than entertainment, but also full of tension, so as to allow television audiences. The competition game system is divided into preliminary, semi-finals and finals, in the preliminary round total of twenty-seven contestants, each episode, three contestants for a competition, by the panel of judges to taste, difficulty, will sell, creativity score elected crown Runners-up, nine men can advance to the championship semi-finals. In the semi-finals of nine men to conduct a competition winner, is also playing in the competition each episode three, the last three men to advance to the championship finals to compete to become the ultimate champion and win great prizes and bonuses.
In addition, Steven Ma will continue on a series of images, will have the culinary knowledge to learn how to play and hosted the tournament for the whole picture. Before the game, chef Steven Ma will take part in preparing cases, and they share cooking experiences. During the race, he would from a technical point of view, guided the audience throughout the cooking competition. In addition, Steven Ma episode will be invited as a guest friendly cooking and terrible judge, into the kitchen to share their experiences and fun.

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