To Mother With Love 2011 - 媽媽真的愛您

監製: 張嘉玲, 編審: 周光慧. 主持: 陳倩揚.
嘉賓: 薛家燕, 石祐珊, 敖嘉年, 陳琪, 宋熙年, 林師傑
“There is only a good mother, a mother of the child like a treasure ” phrase lyrics sing It’s true, my mother worked tirelessly to take care of us every day, care for us, a mother’s pain  is the happiest person in the world! Mother’s Day in this special day, as the children how not to express her love for it?
The number of guests invited Shirley presided over elaborate them with a warm story of mothers and children, taking advantage of this opportunity to send the mother to the world’s most Zhenche blessing! Cheng Li, personally responsible for sub-package rice dumplings, sweet mother in mind. Has been the mother of two children’s Yangwan Yi, determined to return to school, in the end is the driving force behind an how to promote her? To her daughter can live in harmony with the current boyfriend, Huang Peixia from rack their brains. Skye Chan and the baby over the mother first Mother’s Day, joy words can say.
You all know Master Lee Cheng is responsible for working through his side, busy weekday work is in private, he had a filial son, this time he was deliberately taking the time to , kai, a hundred years before his mother enjoy a Cantonese opera performances, but also packet rice dumplings child with his mother!

Identity has always been to her daughter and mother to celebrate Mother’s Day, which was deemed as more than a year to celebrate baby, Skye Chan mothers do not have a feeling that she would share with you the first time with the baby had the joy of Mother’s Day. Is the mother of two children Yangwan Yi, for the children grow, attend early childhood education programs, hoping to teach children the skills and understanding of their heart, she is unknown how effective this piece of pains it? Another mother Huangpei Xia, once a single mother, and daughter had each other, the emergence of the current husband, two relationshave made ​​changes? Her love of yoga, but will play with her daughter, yoga, and their grandchildren to share! 為了慶祝母親節,5位嘉賓特意用百份百心思,為媽媽送上驚喜。

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